Hello and thank you for tuning into Red Lion Realty’s YouTube channel. We’ve been putting up a series of videos to help with buyers and sellers. We’ve had a bunch of agents reach out to us for some insights to help better them. We’ve had huge success with a series of videos that we’ve put out there. Today we’re going to do a quick snippet to help agents in the industry, whether you’re brand new to the industry, seasoned or a veteran. We’re going to discuss 12 things that requires zero to no talent, which we’ve probably seen this a couple different ways over the years but it’s just good to get back to the basics. Number one, being well groomed. Number two, dress for success. This is the largest purchase or sale of somebody’s life, most of the time and if you show up in flip flops and shorts, probably not dressing for success. Being on time. Huge! If your appointments at 10 am, 9:45 is on time. You have to treat it like it is a special event because it is for the person that is looking at hiring or interviewing you to help facilitate the transaction. Work ethic, it’s imperative that you give it 100%. Effort, that it’s tied into work ethic, go the extra mile for your client. Energy. If I showed up to do this video and I looked like I was half asleep or I was slouching, would you want to watch the video to learn something from me? Probably not. So, same thing with being hired as an agent. Attitude, if you’re negative about everything, you’re turning off the client like a light switch. And there’s ways to diplomatically overcome stuff. If the house is worth 350, and they’re adamant it’s worth 375, show them the numbers. All businesses math. Passion, do you have a passion for real estate? Do you truly want to help them or are you just chasing the money? People see that, they sense it. If you’re chasing the money, probably not going to be very successful in real estate. If you truly want to help people, you are going to get a lot of clients. Being coachable, always be ready to learn something new. I’m not the end all, be all. I learn stuff every single day. Do something extra for your client. Whether it’s professional photographs, doing a video of the property, coming soon, just listed, under contract. Keep that buzz going for them. It really takes a lot of stress off of them when they see that you’re doing work and going the extra mile for them. Be prepared. If I showed up to do this video and I was just stumbling and stuttering, probably wouldn’t be prepared you probably wouldn’t want to listen to me. Same thing when you’re meeting with your clients to purchase or sell a home, be ready and preparation starts the night before, get a good night’s rest, show up with you’re A game. And then, be prepared to know exactly what you’re going to talk about and how you’re going to help them. I hope this helps. Thanks for tuning in. If you would please like and subscribe to Red Lions YouTube channel. If you’re looking for a realtor for purchasing a home, we’re gonna help you find the right home, at the right price and in the right timeframe. If you’re a seller, we’re gonna help you sell it for more money and faster than the competitors out there. Thanks.