Hello and thank you for tuning into Red Lion Realty’s YouTube channel. A couple weeks ago I did a video on cycle of life type properties. We had a lot of people reach out to us for additional information. This morning we’re going to talk about hospice, we have Jody here with Amazing Grace. Jodi, can you tell us a little bit about hospice?

I would love to Richard. Hospice is an incredibly underutilized service that provides a peaceful way of ending life’s journey with dignity and respect for the patient and incredible support system for the patient and the family. It is palliative in care are not curative. That is an incredible point to make because what that means is we’re just allowing the body to take the natural course without any medical interventions. As I said, it’s an underutilized service that people usually come on board too late. And they don’t get the amazing support system that it provides. We incorporate durable medical equipment to provide into the home or into the assisted living facility. And that would incorporate beds, wheelchair, supplies for incontinence, medications that are specific to the hospice diagnosis for comfort for the patient and support for the family and the caregivers. So all of this has wrapped us up within the hospice diagnosis.

What are some of the myths about hospice?

There’s actually quite a few myths regarding hospice. That patient cannot come off of hospice, you actually can come off of it if you want to to try curative measures you can come off of hospice, many people actually graduate from hospice as well. Once you go on it it does not mean it’s the end of life’s journey. So, yes, you can come off of hospice.

Another question, is there different levels to hospice?

There is actually four different levels of hospice. The first level is routine care. And that encompasses, with Amazing Grace Hospice we only hire registered nurses. They provide a higher level of care. And we have a certified nursing assistants that also come out to the house that can help bathe and change the patient and make them feel more comfortable. We have volunteers that can read to them and talk to them. We also have a non denominational chaplain, and a social worker that is absolutely amazing for the support of the family and the patient. And we have a medical director. All of this is available to the patient and 24/7.

So a huge army of people that work with this?

Absolutely. So that’s the first level of hospice. The second level is respite care, and that is at an inpatient facility for up to five days to give the family a break. The third level of care is continuous care. That is to manage symptoms that are out of control at the moment. At Amazing Grace Hospice we’re incredibly good at managing the symptoms of the patient that we have never actually had to utilize the fourth level of care which is inpatient care, which is at a facility or hospital for up to 10 to 12 days to manage the symptoms.

So the final question is who pays for this?

That’s a great question, Medicare and Medicaid pay for 100% of the services, and the equipment that goes towards the hospice diagnosis. Private insurance usually pays about 65 to 75%.

I want to give a shout out to Select Title for letting us use their conference room today for this video. If you have any further questions, in reference to hospice please feel free to reach out to Jodi, you can give her a call at 832-437-2089. Thank you.